Neil Dawson


I am a time-served joiner with more than 30 years of experience in the trade. Most of those years were spent with a respected Strathearn construction company, building and refurbishing homes and business premises in the local area and beyond.

Born and bred in Comrie, I have lived in the village all my life and can point to countless properties that I have built, repaired or refurbished over the years.

I’ve also been a retained firefighter with the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service in Comrie for 16 years.

In both of these roles, it makes me happy to know that what I do makes a difference to people’s lives.

There’s a tradition among joiners of signing your work somewhere hidden from view. It might be on a roof or floor joist, or high up on a timber frame. You mark it on the understanding that, if you’ve done your job well, it won’t be seen for decades, if ever. But you will always know it’s there, and that matters to you because you built it, and you’re proud of it.

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